Our Story


Pine Ridge reservation is the one of the most impoverished communities in the United States. For us, the Lakota, poverty often feels self-sustaining, with scarce resources and governmental systems that create dependence without offering hope for self-empowerment. With the help of Global Peace Train, a non-profit organization, we now have the resources and business tools necessary for us to uplift ourselves from poverty and break free from the cycles that have ensnared us for generations.

A dignified life, free from the traps of poverty, is a dream we hold dear. Our aim is to create a sustainable online business that will allow us and and our descendants to make a living while sharing our sacred culture with the greater community.

As the largest tribe of the Sioux nation, the Lakota have a long history of powerful warriors, revered medicine men, and resilient women who possess a strong sense of self-determination. We are committed to freeing our community from the grips of poverty and suffering.

Our grandmothers entrusted us with the traditional star quilting techniques, and it's now our responsibility to carry forth their teachings and share them with the world before the art is lost. These star quilts were once crafted from animal hide, but when the reservations were formed and free-range hunting was restricted, our ancestors began making the quilts with fabric and sewing them by hand. Symbolizing the morning star, the threads are understood to be threads that run through all of us, connecting us fully with all life. Through these quilts, we honor our ancestors and remember our eternal ties to our people and the earth.

In our traditions, the birth of a child, a milestone ceremony (graduation, marriage, spiritual undertakings), or the passing of a loved one calls for the creation of one or more star quilts by the women of our tribe. The quilts serve as tokens of honor during life's significant moments. We have carefully selected the finest quilters and artists from our reservation to handcraft these quilts for the wider community, while also training a new generation of quilters to carry on this cherished tradition. 

A collaboration between the Global Peace Train and the Lakota people, this project aims to uplift families from poverty and preserve our endangered cultural wisdom for the non-native world. Through the generous donations of our sponsors and the dedication of Lakota women on Pine Ridge, we are now able to share these sacred quilts to people worldwide.

"It is our intention to engage the broader community in our efforts to empower ourselves and lift our people from poverty, all while preserving our traditions that are in danger of disappearing."