Native American traditions and knowledge are being lost forever. Join us in helping keep this valuable resource alive. Tribal Traditions works to provide the needed resources and education to make this happen.

Ghost Dance Short Film

Ghost Dance is an interactive educational program designed for film festivals, schools, universities, and museums. The world is at risk of losing the connection to precious Indigenous wisdom as tribal elders leave us. Global Peace Train and Tribal Traditions are positioned to help build a digital library of such content before it is too late.

Ghost Dance was conceived by Dave Swallow Jr., a Lakota Medicine Man, Sundance Chief, and one of the Headsmen for the Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota Nations. He lives on Pine Ridge Reservation and is one of the last fluent Lakota language speakers. Dave is dedicated to telling the Ghost Dance story to help raise awareness for the Lakota people and preserve the traditions that are in danger of dying out. The content for Ghost Dance was imagined by Dave and two of his Lakota friends 15 years ago. Now the only elder among the trio of three still alive, Dave’s dream is becoming manifest and every aspect of the project is determined and driven by Dave.

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