Sustainable Housing Goal

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Our goal is to build a permanent aircrete teepee and teach the Lakota community how to harness the power of this incredible building material to address the housing crisis on Pine Ridge from within the community. Aircrete often called a "building material of the future" is known for being a sustainable material that is stronger than concrete, is fireproof, waterproof, insect resistant and much lighter than concrete because it is mostly made of air. We are half way finished with a small aircrete teepee prototype and plan to have it completed by summer 2019. This gift holds a seed of great healing for the United States, symbolically offering the original wisdom keepers of Turtle Island modern eco building techniques and a prototype of a 1000 sq. ft. structure designed with traditional native wisdom and the intention to bring solutions to the Pine Ridge housing crisis that connects tradition with the modern age. No matter how small the act begins, we believe this metaphor will be far reaching!
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