Home on Pine Ridge for Dave Swallow

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Dan, one of the most dedicated Presentville Players suddenly became homeless in 2016. He lost his retirement fund and house in the 2008 recession. His pure heart and dedication paid off when our Presentville community rallied for his wellbeing in a gift that would keep on giving! We raised more than $50,000 in gifts and a 0% interest loan to buy a trailer home in Boulder Colorado and now Dan is housing himself and 1 other player in the first Presentville home of it’s kind. Now, we have a new goal to create another Sammy Bear Home… This time with a Lakota Medicine Man and one of the Headsman for the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Tribes, Dave Swallow who lives in dire poverty on Pine Ridge Reservation and works tirelessly to uplift his people from suffering. This gift holds a seed of great healing for the United States, symbolically offering the original wisdom keepers of Turtle Island modern eco building techniques and a prototype of a permanent structure that is designed with traditional native wisdom. No matter how small the act begins, we believe this metaphor will be far reaching!
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